We recognise that everyone's relationship with addiction is different/

Whether you are wondering if you should cut down a little, or whether you are trapped in a cycle of relapse, we are here to listen, understand and support you during the process of change.

What is MyLife?/

MyLife provides a safe space for scheduled or on-demand access to professionals 24 hours a day. Our therapists help you to navigate your relationship with addiction. MyLife also provides you with the tools to monitor, analyse and understand your triggers and cravings. These insights allow you to take control.

Our Purpose/

Our ultimate purpose is to help you understand the root causes of your addiction. We fundamentally believe that this understanding will increase the chances of embedding positive change.


Our team of professionals are highly trained and qualified to support you every step of the way.


The MyLife commitment is to provide effective and high-quality care whenever you need it. We provide the highest standard of care to make your experience as straight-forward as possible.


We continue to invest in our technology, helping you to understand your relationship with addiction. Our app includes journalling, trigger identification and monitoring, and supports you to understand the root cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each therapist has created a profile where you can read more about their experience, qualifications and approach. We know that for therapy to be effective it is important that you have trust in your therapist. At your first meeting both you and your therapist will have the opportunity to decide if you are both suited.

It’s important to feel like you have a connection with your therapist. If you have had a few sessions already with the same therapist, it’s important to talk to them about how you are feeling before taking action.
If you have recently started working with a therapist and you don’t think they’re the right fit then you can review profiles of other therapist on MyTherapy to find someone more closely matched to your needs and requirements.

The content of your session is just between yourself and the therapist. If you decide to change therapist, you will always be asked if you agree to share previous therapist notes and the data in your journal. Therapists require supervision during which they are asked to reflect on sessions, but this will always be done 100% anonymously.

All therapists must be registered with an appropriate professional body which is in line with their role. We ask that therapists have a minimum of 3 years experience post qualification, providing therapy to adults.
The number of years experience can be found by each therapists profile.

Yes – we only accept therapists who have a qualification in their chosen field and are accredited/registered with a corresponding professional body.

Each therapist sets their own schedule. You can either start the process by selecting a time that suits you and see which therapists are available, alternatively you can select a therapist to see their availability.

Therapists set their own rates just as they would in private practice.

Expert teams providing advice to
support you/