Relapse & Addiction/

Recovery from addiction is a long-term journey that requires the roots of addiction, frequently triggered by emotional trauma or loss, to be addressed.

Those suffering from addiction need support to understand how their addiction developed and what they can do to address these causes without entering the negative spiral that is addiction.

Once understood, life will always present potential hazards that increase the risk of relapse, which may be related to specific locations, people, events, or time of year.

In the UK there were 289,215 adults in contact with drug and alcohol services between April 2021 and March 2022 (a rise compared to the previous year)

Between 2021 and 2022, 133,704 people began some form of drug or alcohol dependency treatment in the UK

In the UK it is estimated that approximately 430,000 people are suffering from compulsive gambling

Research shows that even after rehabilitation, relapse continues to be an ever-present risk./
  • It is estimated that 40% to 60% of people struggling with substance use disorders relapse at some point in their recovery journey
  • After residential treatment, rates of relapse range from 37% to 56% within one year
  • 30% of recovering alcoholics relapse in the recovery process
  • Of recovering alcoholics, relapse rates are 21.4% in the second year, 9.6% in the third to fifth year, and 7.2% after 5 years
MyLife has been created to support the post-rehab phase of recovery as well as help those who are worried that they may be entering into an addiction, to provide ongoing support to help with prevention, recovery and preventing relapse./
Those who manage to sustain and embed their recoveries have invariably done so through the support of others who understand - and have often experienced addiction themselves./
Through individual therapy sessions, 24/7 support and progress trackers, MyLife provides this support system to individuals to prevent feelings of isolation and mitigate the risk of relapse./
Evidence shows that people who enter a long-term rehab programme and are committed to treatment are less likely to experience relapse, so sign up to MyLife today and continue your journey to recovery./

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