You’re not alone/

Estimates are that millions of adults (1 in 10) in the UK have a problem with alcohol or drugs, but this would be an underestimate as well as a narrow definition of the problem./

What is addiction really?/

We believe that addiction is a response to underlying suffering.

The object of addiction offers a temporary way of escaping that suffering – maybe through alcohol or drugs, but equally through gambling, food, gaming, sex, over-working, over-exercising and countless other behaviours.

Whatever the addiction, the underlying brain processes are remarkably similar – temporary relief, temporary pleasure leading to reward and motivation to repeat that behaviour, craving, and impaired control.

Impacts of addiction/

Addiction is an issue that’s not spoken about, enveloped by shame and denial.

The consequences of addiction are far-reaching – from feelings of emptiness, low self-esteem, complete preoccupation, and rationalising one’s own behaviour, all the way through to the deterioration of mental health, fracturing of relationships that mean the most, and financial ruin.

The MyLife approach/

MyLife gives you the tools to monitor and analyse the behaviours that you want to change. To actually change those behaviours, however, it’s necessary to peel back the layers and understand the pain that drives them. Only then can healing start.


This isn’t easy, particularly as the addictive behaviours themselves are unsuccessful attempts to deny and escape from that pain. Our therapists understand and will support you through this.

Expert teams providing advice to
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