MyLife has been developed by experts and is based on established scientific concepts with the aim of helping you to achieve positive outcomes./


Your MyLife subscription allows you to:


Monitor your cravings, triggers and use through the journal. Analytics allow you to understand these connections at a glance. Enhance the quality of your therapy appointments by allowing therapists access to your journal entries.

Track your progress to see how many days you’ve been on track for, as well as how much money you’ve saved!

Stay up to date with new and relevant content published by our experts on The Hub, offering you fresh insights to help you stay on track.


With MyTherapy, you will have access to expert, professionally trained therapists through 1-2-1 video or audio scheduled appointments. Our Speak Now button connects you with one of our therapists immediately.

At the point of booking, choose your therapist based on their profile, experience, qualifications, approach and availability.

Scheduled appointments and on-demand calls are pay-as-you-go, to provide you with the flexibility to access as much therapy as you need.


With your free trial you will have unlimited access to the app features for 7 days/